"Søkongefangst" - Exhibition at the Danish National Museum, March - May 2015

On March 3, 2015 the NOW-Project, in joint venture with the Danish National Museum, opened a one-room exhibition entitled ”Søkongefangst” (Catch of Little Auks).

The exhibition places at its centre the little auk and the different skills and technologies that humans – hunters of the High Arctic and scientists of the NOW-project – use to catch the little bird for varying purposes.

Through the display of items related to little auks, the projection of videos, sounds, and texts, an atmosphere is generated; the visitor steps into a multi-media Arctic exhibit-scape. The things are not simply placed in the exhibition; they relate to one another and connect in different ways: an ipoq (hunter’s ‘racket’) next to a noose-carpet used by biologists; stuffed little auks (from the zoological museum) next to the video of a Greenlandic woman chewing and preparing little auk skin for the crafting of a clothing, little auk bones neatly placed in boxes next to a piece of child’s clothing made of little auks, and donated to the National Museum in 1920 by Navarana Freuchen.

“Søkongefangst” brings together items and moving images from different moments in time, and different scientific disciplines – it creates a meshwork, or site, where different  scientific and hunting practices are connected, and a little auk network is to be unfolded by the museum visitor.

“Søkongefangst” portrays aspects of ecological relations and living resources in the North Water area, and it portrays aspects of scientific engagement with the region. As such, the exhibition is a form of communication and dissemination of the activities of the NOW-project, a dialogical outreach to the wider public.